We have Merch! omg right?! For a while people have asked if there is any merch for the stream, site, w/e. Well now there is! You can get your hands on it by clicking the link in the Top bar, or going directly to http://pedge.me/merch. And you know what, thats not all! You can also get some awesome games for super cheap by clicking the banner at the top of the page or by going to http://pedge.me/games. They are actually really cool, you can get game for Steam from there for cheap. Skyrim is currently 32 dollars vs the 60 on steam, and the game is downloaded and everything Via steam! So its a Steam game, at steam sale prices! You can also get games for Origin and many other platforms. Its really awesome and the people who have used it so far love it. I have to say give it a look.

And don’t forget, any sale done through either of the 2 sites directly help me and the site in general. Check them out! If you any any ideas for merch, or any feedback or ever other sites or w/e feel free to leave a comment below, the forums or even email me directly tom (at) pixelsedge.net