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W/E Wednesday – Jan 22 2014

20 Jan 2014

I got into the Project Spark beta for Windows 8.1. Tried it out last week and it was awesome! So many options! Going to play some more community made games then possibly try and make some kinda game myself… If you have any suggestions of what I should make please let us know on the […]

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MOBA Monday – Jan 20 2014

19 Jan 2014

MOBA Monday is here again, and this week Tom will be back in League of Legends running around as Nocturne, granted not all that well. Hes learning and getting better Come on by and watch him grow and learn the game, you can even join him if there is space! http://pixelsedge.net/live

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2014 Q1 Stream Schedule

07 Jan 2014

Its the start of a new year! And with that come some changes. There hasn’t been as much activity on site as of late, but thats simply because there is a lot of behind the scenes work and prep that we have to do before anything. That being said, there has been a lack of […]

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How to Capture PS4 on PC

17 Nov 2013

With the release of the PS4 this week I felt it was important to give you a video on how to capture the console on your PC. There are built in features to help you get started, but its limited in what you can use and interface with. So I give you this video to […]

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Toms October Marathon Stream – Thanks!

09 Oct 2012

This past weekend I did a huge marathon stream to do 2 things. Prove I am not dead, and gain some donations for the server. I think both goals were met and it all went over pretty damn well! The stream went on for 36 hours with a lot of different games largely decided by […]

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ConBravo 2012

30 Jul 2012

So its Monday, first day back to work after ConBravo. It was a lot of fun if I do say so myself! This one I have some stories from, so lets jump right in!

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Ravaged: Closed Beta Keys

25 Jul 2012

Hey peeps! Last night one of the awesome people from the community hooked me up with 10 beta keys to give away for the closed beta of the new game Ravaged! This its pretty awesome and I am debating on how exactly should I give them away, but I think I might give a few […]

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Now with Merch!

14 Jun 2012

We have Merch! omg right?! For a while people have asked if there is any merch for the stream, site, w/e. Well now there is! You can get your hands on it by clicking the link in the Top bar, or going directly to http://pedge.me/merch. And you know what, thats not all! You can also […]

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