There has been a distinct lack of streams and content on my part over the last few months… I am sorry about that! I started a new job and it had kept me really busy and the place I was living was not well setup for streaming unfortunately. Bit too small and too crowded, I hated having to tell my room-mates not to talk or watch TV and what not if I was streaming. But now I am all settled in at work and have since moved into a new space with just myself so I can do stream to my hearts content!

I have a new streaming area all ready to go and want to bring back the streams along with video reviews. So with that in mind, on Saturday starting at 12pm EST I am going to stream some Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag from the PC. I beat it on the PS3 on launch night, then again on the PS4 when I got one. I picked up AC:4 during the summer sale and have been itching to play it again.

The stream as always is viewable live right here on Pixels Edge!

Hope to see you then!


So I said 12pm today which was the plan, but I only slept for 2 hours a night as week ended up paying for that last night and this morning when I just could not wake up. I got up at points for a quick twitter post, but that was about it. Only just now have I actually been able to get up. I still intend to stream tonight but I have to delay it a bit as some of the afternoon plans that I was going to take a break to do are coming up. Basically I broke my ankle back at ConBravo and only recently got the cast. A waterproof cast cover has been purchased for me but I have to get it, and I need some other accessories to help with my mobility. As soon as that is taken care of I will start up the stream and play well into the night. Should start up around 6pm tonight. Sorry for the delay!