We are adding more to our live stream roster with a whole new stream! Some of you might know SummeryJester from the streams, he’s been a part of both League of Legends and World of Warcraft and does some streaming himself. Well Summer and our friend Dreadarrow are going to be streaming the leveling of their alts in WoW when we aren’t streaming our mains, which will also now be streamed from his perspective when he is in group and able to.

With the new addition I went and created something a little special for us here on Pixels Edge. Our main live stream page /live now automatically shows the stream and chat from whichever streamer is currently boardcasting as well as now pulling in the title and game thats being played and adding them to just above the video.


You might also notice there are selections under /live for the different streamers, /live/tom and /live/summery, for when multiple streams are happening at once you can watch from the stream you prefer. You will always know which one is live by checking the menu for green “LIVE” icon just above the name!

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Thats about it for this update, hope you like the changes and will enjoy the new streams to come in the very near future.