Feb 20, 2014 – World of Warcraft

20 Feb 2014

Going to play lots and lots of WoW today! Some of us have been leveling alts with our Recruit a friend friends and powered the alts which accidently spilt over to our mains so now we are a bit further along than when we last left off! Fell free to join us of course [WoW][/WoW]

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Feb 19, 2014 – League & Smite

19 Feb 2014

So I might have sorta slept through all of yesterday and missed the stream… But we are back tonight 100% without question (the 7-11 across the street is still selling Medium Red Bulls for cheap) we are gonna be playing some League as well as getting started in Smite. Every time I play League I’ve […]

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Feb 18, 2014 – World of Warcraft

18 Feb 2014

Tonight we are going back into World of Warcraft and working on getting our main characters leveled and keep getting closer to end game. Most of us have a Recruit a Friend now so we should be reaching end-game level content sooner than we thought! [WoW][/WoW]

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Feb 17, 2014 – League of Legends

17 Feb 2014

With Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII releasing last week and the Titanfall Beta starting last week kinda threw off the sched a little bit. But today we are here with more League as with all Mondays. The end of the last stream I picked up a bunch of new champions to play with so there […]

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Live Stream Addition – SummerJester

16 Feb 2014

We are adding more to our live stream roster with a whole new stream! Some of you might know SummeryJester from the streams, he’s been a part of both League of Legends and World of Warcraft and does some streaming himself. Well Summer and our friend Dreadarrow are going to be streaming the leveling of […]

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Vote! Fan Friday – Feb 21, 2014

14 Feb 2014

Next week is going to be a little different, starting that Friday I am going to be at Con-G with some of our friends and getting a lot of videos and photos to share with you all. But that means the stream cannot be as late as usual since we will be out of town. […]

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Pixels Edge Live – Feb 14, 2014 – Fan Friday

14 Feb 2014

Today is Fan Friday! The votes are in from last weeks post and it seems like World of Warcraft has won with Borderlands 2 in second. Now with the new Final Fantasy XIII just having come out I could continue streaming that, or stick to the Fan Friday votes and pick it up again possibly […]

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Pixels Edge Live – Feb 13, 2014 – FFXIII-3

12 Feb 2014

This is going to be a special kinda stream. I was under the impression that Final Fantasy XIII-3 was not coming out until tomorrow but the site I was checking has the AU release date listed not NA so I missed this midnight launch. I was going to simply stream it tonight and stay up, […]

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