We are going to be doing something a little special with this stream. We will be playing Dragon Age: Inquisition Multiplayer, but what makes this special is who is going to be on this stream. As usual I (Tom) will be there, but I will be joined by 3 members of the BioWare team who helped to get this game out to us! Their names can be found in the credits of the game! Thats pretty cool if I do say so myself. There will also be a 404 from the west side cast joining us! This is going to be a crazy time for sure.

This stream will be later that my usual streams since we are different time zones. The stream will start at 8pm EST. You will have 2 options on watching this one too! There will be my feed located here on Pixels Edge Live. Also here on Pixels Edge is the brand new 404 twitch channel! See you there!