Feed The Beast, which is known as FTB, is a mod pack for Minecraft. This introduces many more mods for the server, both client and server. You can do pretty cool things like make eletric furnances that are powered by a geo-thermal generator that is powered by lava that you pump up from bedrock. And way way way more! If you want to play here is what you need,

Download the FTB Client from their Website: http://feed-the-beast.com
The FTB Client is another minecraft client. It will not replace or overwrite your current minecraft. So you can still connect to Tirinia all the same using your normal MC client.

Pixels Edge FTB Server IP: pedge.me
Thats all there is too it!

FTB’s chat is linked up with the Pixels Edge IRC. This means we can still talk to the players in game, while not being in game. Say you are at work but wanna check in, or you just can’t get into Minecraft right now but still wanna talk with eachother. Simply go to http://pixelsedge.net/chat, enter a username and your are chatting with them in no time! If you are more tech savvy and want to use your own IRC client, the details for that are in the first connection tab of the webclient.


Happy Crafting!