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DayZ – Details

26 Nov 2012

DayZ is a mod for ArmA2: Combined Operations. Its a survival zombie game, much different from others I have played. Some are horror, some are fast paced shooters. This is totally different.

You are survivor, you have no weapons, no food, no hope. You can go into town and try and find supplies, weapons, and possibly other survivors. As you approach the towns you see zombies, and they see you. You have no way to defend yourself! You run, you lose the zombie. You find a weapon and you can see other survivors in the distance. Do you join them and share all your supplies with eachother? Or do you play the role of the bandit, killing them and taking their supplies by force. The choice is yours.

We have created our own DayZ server, disconnected from the hive. normal servers all connect to a central hive, which means you can change servers and have all your gear. Which is nice, but that means the bandits do too. On ours, you only have what you have found on our server. It helps to create a much more interesting experience

Server IP:
You can also filter the game list looking for “hosted by Pixels Edge
We highly recommend using a tool such as Play withSix *previous known as six launcher*

Hope you can survive!

New Server Section

26 Nov 2012

We have added a new section to the menu here on Pixels Edge, Servers. Under you can find sub listing of the different servers that we host. Any important details, tip, tricks, or what have you will be posted in these various sections. Want to know the IP and mods needed for the FTB server? Trying to find the DayZ IP? Each post in their sections will have a footer that will link you to that information! Now isn’t that handy?


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