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DayZ – Details

26 Nov 2012

DayZ is a mod for ArmA2: Combined Operations. Its a survival zombie game, much different from others I have played. Some are horror, some are fast paced shooters. This is totally different.

You are survivor, you have no weapons, no food, no hope. You can go into town and try and find supplies, weapons, and possibly other survivors. As you approach the towns you see zombies, and they see you. You have no way to defend yourself! You run, you lose the zombie. You find a weapon and you can see other survivors in the distance. Do you join them and share all your supplies with eachother? Or do you play the role of the bandit, killing them and taking their supplies by force. The choice is yours.

We have created our own DayZ server, disconnected from the hive. normal servers all connect to a central hive, which means you can change servers and have all your gear. Which is nice, but that means the bandits do too. On ours, you only have what you have found on our server. It helps to create a much more interesting experience

Server IP:
You can also filter the game list looking for “hosted by Pixels Edge
We highly recommend using a tool such as Play withSix *previous known as six launcher*

Hope you can survive!

Team Fortress 2 – Details

26 Nov 2012

Everyone knows TF2 by now. I don’t know how much there is to say on the matter. But we have our own server! We love to play and provide this to you for you to have fun in too! Not sure what else we need here so…

TF2 IP: gaming.pixelsedge.net

If you have any suggestions for maps or mods to add to the server, feel free to let us know!

Tirinia – Details

26 Nov 2012

Tirinia is Pixels Edge Minecraft server. The server is running bukkit with no client side mods. We try to make it as easy and painless for you as possible, along with providing the best enjoyment we can! Tirinia has 3 different worlds inside it,

Kirbynia – This is the default world. This is a normal survival world complete with Nether and The End
Crafture – This is out Creative world. In here you gain creative mode and can do anything you wish, as long as it Doesn’t interfear with the lore of our server or go against our rules which is pretty much common sense
Games – This is a special world. This is a world that only the admins and mods can build in. We have been working on some various games, and now and again we are going to host competitions complete with prizes! These can be CTW, Races, Parkour, w/e we can think of / find.

Tirinia IP: pixelsedge.net

Tirinia also features several perks and bonus donation packages. These packages give you a little something extra that are not part of the normal minecraft experience. These are perks that make some things more convenient and possibly somewhat helpful. Details on these packages and how to buy is on our buycraft http://tirinia.buycraft.com

Happy Crafting!

Feed The Beast – Details

26 Nov 2012

Feed The Beast, which is known as FTB, is a mod pack for Minecraft. This introduces many more mods for the server, both client and server. You can do pretty cool things like make eletric furnances that are powered by a geo-thermal generator that is powered by lava that you pump up from bedrock. And way way way more! If you want to play here is what you need,

Download the FTB Client from their Website: http://feed-the-beast.com
The FTB Client is another minecraft client. It will not replace or overwrite your current minecraft. So you can still connect to Tirinia all the same using your normal MC client.

Pixels Edge FTB Server IP: pedge.me
Thats all there is too it!

FTB’s chat is linked up with the Pixels Edge IRC. This means we can still talk to the players in game, while not being in game. Say you are at work but wanna check in, or you just can’t get into Minecraft right now but still wanna talk with eachother. Simply go to http://pixelsedge.net/chat, enter a username and your are chatting with them in no time! If you are more tech savvy and want to use your own IRC client, the details for that are in the first connection tab of the webclient.


Happy Crafting!


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