There has been quite a bit of interest for this, so we are going to make it a thing. Donation perks on Pixelbeast! Donation perks are some extra bonuses abilities in the Pixelbeast server. We are not taking anything away from what users currently have, we are just adding a few more things. The perks include:

  • /spawn – Far away from spawn and want to see your friend? Well now you can get there in seconds!
  • /back – Ever die 2000 blocks away and don’t want to run back there? Well now you can teleport!
  • /craft – Need to craft while your mining? Well now you can with out having a crafting table!
  • /vchest – Guess what! You just doubled your inventory space!
  • /nick – Don’t like your display name? Then change it!


All these sweet perks can be yours for the one time cost of $15 CAD. The reason its $15 CAD is because its a one time deal instead of a monthly pattern. To do this go to our Donation Page, enter the amount $15 CAD, and in the Name field enter your Minecraft username then within 24hours you will have Donator status. In the past this was automated on the Tirinia server, but that used plugins we no longer have because Pixelbeast is not Bukkit. So now we must do it manually.

There has been quite a bit of interest in having a Donator server, one that has Thaumcraft enabled and more. This is a possibility, however it would require an upgrade to the already expensive server. So if this Perk donation setup goes well, we will look into upgrading the server. However, the upgrade to the server increases the monthly cost so the Donator server would be a monthly subscription instead of a one time payment.