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Pixels Edge Live – Feb 11, 2014

11 Feb 2014


Tonight we are playing more World of Warcraft! We are leveling our characters getting closer and closer to running end game content


As always the stream is live right here on Pixels Edge

Pixels Edge Live – Feb 6, 2014

06 Feb 2014


I am back in the World of Warcraft today, just got my mount and so have many of the others. We are running instances getting better gear and levels and trying to level the new guild! So much to do and such little time.

All are welcome to join the guild as long as your not a total dick. Message someone from the guild in game and we will get you and invite

Server: Ysera
Faction: Horde
Guild: Pixels Edge

If you out of time and need to get another time card grab one from our Game Fan Shop. Part of the sale helps us out!

Stream is going live at 2:30 tonight instead of 5 due to some location scouting for an upcoming series. As always it will be live here on Pixels Edge

World of Warcraft Streams

28 Jan 2014


This was only a matter of time really, but we are getting back into WoW! For some of us it will be the first time ever. We are planning to do streams with the guild on Tuesdays and Thursdays where there is currently no streams planned! This is all going to start next week on February 4th officially, but since the stream yesterday was cut short we are gonna get a head start by doing the basics tonight! Going to find a New Players server, make characters and form the guild!

Server: Ysera
Faction: Hoard

Stream starts at 5pm tonight!

Daily Random #78

19 Mar 2013

In keeping with Dodger week, we have a great video from just over a year ago and is amazingly and fun!

Found something you’d like to see on the front page? Send us a message to dailyrandom@pixelsedge.net with the Subject: Daily Randomness.


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