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The Hunger Games (Movie)

28 Mar 2012

When Tom told me that Suzanne Collins was attached to The Hunger Games as a co-writer and co-producer, I was a little nervous. That could have gone one of two ways: either she was too attached to her writing and would hinder the adaptation, or she was attached to her story and vision, and would allow changes that would bring those to life in this medium. Fortunately for the movie, the latter took place. The Hunger Games is the first instance of an adaptation of a movie from a book where I cannot definitively say whether I like the movie or the book better. Usually I can tell after one read and viewing which I like better, but in this case, I’m drawing blanks. And that I think, is the hallmark of a great adaptation.

Let’s get down to brass tacks here: The Hunger Games is a

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Tom Talks – The Hunger Games

27 Mar 2012


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