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League of Legends – Episode 12

27 Feb 2014

That was a great suggestion moving away from Mana based heroes and learning these guys. Dr. Moundo is an awesome champion that I have been having a great time with!

This video was taken from our live stream hosted here on Pixels Edge every week day

League of Legends – Episode 11

25 Feb 2014

It was suggested in the comments of the last video that I should try a non-mana based hero, it might be more to my play style. So thats exactly what I did!

This video was taken from the live stream hosted here on Pixels Edge every week day!

Feb 24, 2014 – League of Legends

24 Feb 2014


In episode 10 of me learning League someone made the suggestion that I try out Garren or some non-mana based champion instead of Mana based like I have been so far. I think thats an awesome idea and I did get Garren a while back, seems like a good time to bust him out!

Once more a big thanks to our Sponsor Peregrine! Its the only way I can play League and has helped me get more into it

As always the stream is live right here on Pixels Edge

League of Legends – Episode 10

20 Feb 2014

So that victory might have been short lived… However it seems we can likely blame this one on the League servers crashing causing most of the team to DC at one point or another.

This video was taken from the Live Stream hosted right here ever week day!

Thanks to our sponsor Peregrine!

Feb 19, 2014 – League & Smite

19 Feb 2014


So I might have sorta slept through all of yesterday and missed the stream… But we are back tonight 100% without question (the 7-11 across the street is still selling Medium Red Bulls for cheap) we are gonna be playing some League as well as getting started in Smite. Every time I play League I’ve been asked on what I think about Smite, so tonight we find out!

As always the stream is live right here on Pixels Edge


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