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Pixels Edge Live – Feb 12, 2014

12 Feb 2014


Tonight I am playing more League, but not at my usual Nocturne. At the end of the last stream we took some time and I picked up a few different heroes to change up the play style. You can check that out in Tom Learns – Episode 07.

As always the stream is live right here on Pixels Edge

League of Legends – Episode 04

07 Feb 2014

Ever since I started using my Peregrine again to play League I have been doing better and starting to try and use my items more.

This video was taken from our live stream here on Pixels Edge

Music provided by:
Atoms or Faeries – http://pedge.tv/atoms
AdhesiveWombat – http://pedge.tv/wombat
Teknoaxe – http://pedge.tv/teknoaxe

Stream UI made by community member Damian. Hes also the one who made my Crest and the Pixels Edge logo. Check out his stuff on his DeviantArt

Pixels Edge Live – Feb 5, 2014

05 Feb 2014


Today I am back in League of Legends for the 2nd time in the same week, going to get the hang of playing Nocturne sooner or later! Once I reach level 10 and can trade Champions our community member DerpyTurtle has a Volibear waiting for me to play with and I am excited to get there.

When I play League I have busted out my Peregrine glove to make it a bit easier to get into the game

Stream coming in live at 2:30pm right here on Pixels Edge

The stream is being moved to tomorrow earlier in the day before the WoW stream. Sorry about this

MOBA Monday – Feb 3 2014

03 Feb 2014


Monday is here and that means its time for some more League of Legends! Once more I will be trying to get better and learn how to properly use Nocturne and maybe actually get a little better this time. Who knows!

The stream is going to start a little later today at around 4pm instead of 2:30. Sorry for the later start

As always the stream is live right here over at http://pixelsedge.net/live


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