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League of Legends – Episode 12

27 Feb 2014

That was a great suggestion moving away from Mana based heroes and learning these guys. Dr. Moundo is an awesome champion that I have been having a great time with!

This video was taken from our live stream hosted here on Pixels Edge every week day

Feb 24, 2014 – League of Legends

24 Feb 2014


In episode 10 of me learning League someone made the suggestion that I try out Garren or some non-mana based champion instead of Mana based like I have been so far. I think thats an awesome idea and I did get Garren a while back, seems like a good time to bust him out!

Once more a big thanks to our Sponsor Peregrine! Its the only way I can play League and has helped me get more into it

As always the stream is live right here on Pixels Edge

League of Legends – Episode 08

13 Feb 2014

This is going to be my first time playing with a character thats not Nocturne as usual. Totally different play style and I have a hard enough time with Nocturne… but he has a high difficultly level

This video was taken from the Live stream hosted right here on Pixels Edge every weekday!

Pixels Edge Live – Feb 12, 2014

12 Feb 2014


Tonight I am playing more League, but not at my usual Nocturne. At the end of the last stream we took some time and I picked up a few different heroes to change up the play style. You can check that out in Tom Learns – Episode 07.

As always the stream is live right here on Pixels Edge

League of Legends – Episode 06 & 07

12 Feb 2014

Got 2 episodes for you today! Episode 07 is a much shorter episode than usual so I am adding it in as a double release

Both videos are once again taken from the Live Stream hosted here every week day on Pixels Edge


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