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Still Like Robots? Check this out!

25 Apr 2013

Remember a while back when ProfX was helping out with a Robotics competition? Well its happening again! Only this time its the world championship.
Want to know the details on how its played? Its all here in a post Prof made for the previous event. http://pixelsedge.net/like-robots-prof-wants-you-to-watch-this/

This whole event is also going to be live streamed from NASA! So if you wanna check out awesome robots from all over competing I highly recommend checking it out. If you look really carefully you might be able to spot ProfX in there, hes one of the volunteers 😉

Live NASA Link

Pixels Edge Podcast #13

01 Mar 2013

Today we present to you, the 13th and very luck addition of the podcast. Cause we all know 13 is a super lucky number!

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Pixels Edge Podcast #8

07 Sep 2012

This is the 8th installment of the Pedge Cast. We did this one on YouTube streaming because well it seemed like the smart thing to do! All the information for the download should be here on this page + iTunes. I am trying a new tool that should automate this a little better for us.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the iTunes podcast here. Alternativly you now have the option to use an RSS Feed! Subscribe to it today! http://pixelsedge.net/podcastfeed

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