Is it wrong that a lot of my practical science knowledge was taught to me by playing Myst?

I’m actually kind of serious on this one.

I don’t know where Myst sits in the great hierarchy of video games as I rarely ever see any kind of tribute to the game. I mean, I’ve found tribute music videos and the like but no one speaking about the impact Myst had.

As I see it nothing really measures up to the impact of the original game save for possibly the first sequel Riven. It’s possible that much of the design choices used by Myst haven’t been employed well by other franchises. I mean, in the core five games that make up the series they’ve all been well reviewed the MMO a bit less so. However, I should point out that there seems to be a relatively small but dedicated cabal of people keeping the Myst MMO alive. The fact that it’s fundamentally different from every other MMO and is completely free (read: no cash shop) is nice.

But back to Myst itself. Debuting  in 1993 Myst was a rare entity, it was a mature, adult game that was labelled so because of the challenge. Not because of violent content. It is a game for which the experience is dictated entirely by what you know about the game and what you know to do once you get to Myst Island.

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