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Tirinia – Details

26 Nov 2012

Tirinia is Pixels Edge Minecraft server. The server is running bukkit with no client side mods. We try to make it as easy and painless for you as possible, along with providing the best enjoyment we can! Tirinia has 3 different worlds inside it,

Kirbynia – This is the default world. This is a normal survival world complete with Nether and The End
Crafture – This is out Creative world. In here you gain creative mode and can do anything you wish, as long as it Doesn’t interfear with the lore of our server or go against our rules which is pretty much common sense
Games – This is a special world. This is a world that only the admins and mods can build in. We have been working on some various games, and now and again we are going to host competitions complete with prizes! These can be CTW, Races, Parkour, w/e we can think of / find.

Tirinia IP: pixelsedge.net

Tirinia also features several perks and bonus donation packages. These packages give you a little something extra that are not part of the normal minecraft experience. These are perks that make some things more convenient and possibly somewhat helpful. Details on these packages and how to buy is on our buycraft http://tirinia.buycraft.com

Happy Crafting!

New Server Section

26 Nov 2012

We have added a new section to the menu here on Pixels Edge, Servers. Under you can find sub listing of the different servers that we host. Any important details, tip, tricks, or what have you will be posted in these various sections. Want to know the IP and mods needed for the FTB server? Trying to find the DayZ IP? Each post in their sections will have a footer that will link you to that information! Now isn’t that handy?


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