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World of Warcraft Streams

28 Jan 2014


This was only a matter of time really, but we are getting back into WoW! For some of us it will be the first time ever. We are planning to do streams with the guild on Tuesdays and Thursdays where there is currently no streams planned! This is all going to start next week on February 4th officially, but since the stream yesterday was cut short we are gonna get a head start by doing the basics tonight! Going to find a New Players server, make characters and form the guild!

Server: Ysera
Faction: Hoard

Stream starts at 5pm tonight!

League of Legends – Episode 01

27 Jan 2014

I have had a long standing battle with MOBA games, not much caring for them over all. My biggest issue has always been falling super far behind early and just being useless. Well with how popular the game is and how many of my friends play it I decided it would be best if I learned how to play as well. So I have been streaming be playing, but now I am also uploading them to YouTube as the first in a brand new series called Tom Learns!

Basically its a series where I learn how to play games that are new to me. Thats important because it could be games that are very old that I never played before. There will be a new video every day for League and in the coming weeks there will be new games added to the Leaning list!

Make sure you are subscribed to the YouTube channel to get the up to the minute posts!

FPS Friday – Jan 24 2014

24 Jan 2014

For this FPS Friday my shooter of choice is Battlefield 4 on the PS4! I do love the PS4 and I have been really enjoying BF4 even with all the issues. Some have asked why on PS4 and not PC? Well it was a game that I got when I got the console and I don’t want to buy the game a 2nd time with all the issues its been having.

If you want to join me you can, just add Phat32 to your PSN friends list.

As always, the stream is live here on Pixels Edge and we highly recommend watching from here as it seems to load faster and lag less

2014 Q1 Stream Schedule

07 Jan 2014

Its the start of a new year! And with that come some changes. There hasn’t been as much activity on site as of late, but thats simply because there is a lot of behind the scenes work and prep that we have to do before anything. That being said, there has been a lack of content and I am sorry for that. As part of the new year we are creating a set streaming schedule that I will do my best to follow and stick with, past being sick.

Pixels Edge Live Stream

  • MOBA Monday2:30pm – 7pm
  • W/E Wednesday2:30pm – 7pm
  • FPS Friday2:30pm – 7pm

The start time for this new schedule is January 13th.

MOBA Monday
MOBA Monday
Every Monday I will stream a different MOBA Style game. Infinite Crisis, League of Legends or DOTA 2. If there are others I will try them out. I am not a fan of MOBA’s so I guess it makes sense its on a Monday.

W/E Wednesday
W/E Wednesday
Anything goes on Wednesday. Shooter, Platform, dance game or maybe a good old fashioned text adventure the sky is the limit!

FPS Friday
FPS Friday
FPS is the name of the game!… genre that is. Battlefield 4, CS: GO or anything else thats a shooter and first person will happen.

There are also some YouTube series that might happen on the days there aren’t a stream. See how much the total work load is and decide from there.

You can talk about the Live Stream on the Forums and let us know what you think about it.

Stay up to date with the latest update by following me on Twitter @ThePhat32

Toms October Marathon Stream – Thanks!

09 Oct 2012

This past weekend I did a huge marathon stream to do 2 things. Prove I am not dead, and gain some donations for the server. I think both goals were met and it all went over pretty damn well! The stream went on for 36 hours with a lot of different games largely decided by you peeps. It was a lot of fun and you can bet there will be more marathon streams in the future, just cause they are a ton of fun to do!

I want to say thank to you to everyone who helped out, donated, spread the word and even just for tuning in to see what it was all about. I love to do these streams, YouTube, and even this site to entertain you and have some fun. I truly appreciate all the help and all the support in doing these things cause its just a blast


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