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MOBA Monday – Jan 27 2014

27 Jan 2014

Another Monday is here so its time for more League! Going to keep trying to play Nocturne and learn him some more, hopefully soon I will get Volibear and can try him out. If you wondering why I want that character is because he is voiced by the amazing Patrick Warburton, voices of amazing characters like Brock Samson and Kronk

This week I can also announce that the awesome people at Peregrine have hooked us up and are now the official sponsors of MOBA Mondays! Check them out on Facebook and show them some love

As always, the stream is live here on Pixels Edge and we highly recommend watching from here as it seems to load faster and lag less

W/E Wednesday – Jan 22 2014

20 Jan 2014

W/E Wednesday

I got into the Project Spark beta for Windows 8.1. Tried it out last week and it was awesome! So many options! Going to play some more community made games then possibly try and make some kinda game myself… If you have any suggestions of what I should make please let us know on the forums

MOBA Monday – Jan 20 2014

19 Jan 2014

Live Stream

MOBA Monday is here again, and this week Tom will be back in League of Legends running around as Nocturne, granted not all that well. Hes learning and getting better

Come on by and watch him grow and learn the game, you can even join him if there is space! http://pixelsedge.net/live


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