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Team Fortress 2 – Details

26 Nov 2012

Everyone knows TF2 by now. I don’t know how much there is to say on the matter. But we have our own server! We love to play and provide this to you for you to have fun in too! Not sure what else we need here so…

TF2 IP: gaming.pixelsedge.net

If you have any suggestions for maps or mods to add to the server, feel free to let us know!

New Server Section

26 Nov 2012

We have added a new section to the menu here on Pixels Edge, Servers. Under you can find sub listing of the different servers that we host. Any important details, tip, tricks, or what have you will be posted in these various sections. Want to know the IP and mods needed for the FTB server? Trying to find the DayZ IP? Each post in their sections will have a footer that will link you to that information! Now isn’t that handy?

Top 10 Games Series

06 Apr 2012

Here is my Top 10 Games series!


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