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Vote! Fan Friday – Feb 14, 2014

07 Feb 2014


FPS Friday is now becoming Fan Friday! Instead of W/E Wednesday where I pick whatever I wanted to play, the community picks what I should play. It can be a multiplayer game I play with the community or a single player game just to watch the stream. Totally up to you

Here are some game suggestions:

Borderlands 2
Battlefield 4
Max: Curse of Brotherhood – Xbox One title
Final Fantasy VII

Let me know what you want in the comments!

Pixels Edge Live – Feb 7, 2014

07 Feb 2014


Time to change things up from the LoL and WoW of the week so far, we are going into the land of the console and going to play some Battlefield 4 on the Xbox One! Been having a lot of fun playing so far so were gonna keep it going!

Stream is live at 2:30pm tonight right here on Pixels Edge

Pixels Edge Live – Feb 5, 2014

05 Feb 2014


Today I am back in League of Legends for the 2nd time in the same week, going to get the hang of playing Nocturne sooner or later! Once I reach level 10 and can trade Champions our community member DerpyTurtle has a Volibear waiting for me to play with and I am excited to get there.

When I play League I have busted out my Peregrine glove to make it a bit easier to get into the game

Stream coming in live at 2:30pm right here on Pixels Edge

The stream is being moved to tomorrow earlier in the day before the WoW stream. Sorry about this

Updated Stream Sched

04 Feb 2014

Now that I have been streaming for a little while on the new sched and with adding WoW to the mix we are going to change up the schedule of the streams. Still going to be one every week day, just times and what they are, are a bit different.

Monday – League of Legends

6:30pm – 11pm

Tuesday – World of Warcraft

6:30pm – 11pm

Wednesday – League of Legends

6:30pm – 11pm

Thursdays – World of Warcraft

6:30pm – 11pm

Friday – Fan Friday

6:30pm – 11pm

The WoW streams start a bit later cause some of the people we stream with have these things called day jobs and can’t join us earlier. Weekends may or may not have a stream. It depends on how busy the week was and whats happening on the weekend


How does this sound? Let us know in the comments so we can tweek it if we need too

MOBA Monday – Jan 27 2014

27 Jan 2014

Another Monday is here so its time for more League! Going to keep trying to play Nocturne and learn him some more, hopefully soon I will get Volibear and can try him out. If you wondering why I want that character is because he is voiced by the amazing Patrick Warburton, voices of amazing characters like Brock Samson and Kronk

This week I can also announce that the awesome people at Peregrine have hooked us up and are now the official sponsors of MOBA Mondays! Check them out on Facebook and show them some love

As always, the stream is live here on Pixels Edge and we highly recommend watching from here as it seems to load faster and lag less


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