The DayZ server has officially been updated to! Its still a private server so people can’t spawn in from other places with stuff. As always we recommend using Play withSix to do the updating and all that because its very easy. I know people use DayZCommander, but never having used it I can’t say how easy it is.

Important things to note:

  • This was a very large update to the server private files, as a result the player data was wiped. There is currently a backup of the old server, but as it is right now…….. we are back at the beginning!
  • There is no more night! There is an option to use local server time or define a time. To be on the public hive you can’t set a time, but since we are private I have currently set the server to be forever at noon
  • There are new guns and bacon!

Thats all for now. Feel free to connect and have a ton of fun! If you have any suggestions make sure to let us know via the comments, twitter or anything like that.