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Vote! Fan Friday – Feb 21, 2014

14 Feb 2014


Next week is going to be a little different, starting that Friday I am going to be at Con-G with some of our friends and getting a lot of videos and photos to share with you all. But that means the stream cannot be as late as usual since we will be out of town. I will still do a Fan Friday but its going to be a lot earlier than the normal streams, which is awesome for you guys in the UK!

Let me know what you want me to play and I will make it happen, I will once again give you a few starting thoughts

League of Legends
World of Warcraft
Borderlands 2
Battlefield 4

You get the idea, now let me know by leaving your pick for game in the comments!

Vote! Fan Friday – Feb 14, 2014

07 Feb 2014


FPS Friday is now becoming Fan Friday! Instead of W/E Wednesday where I pick whatever I wanted to play, the community picks what I should play. It can be a multiplayer game I play with the community or a single player game just to watch the stream. Totally up to you

Here are some game suggestions:

Borderlands 2
Battlefield 4
Max: Curse of Brotherhood – Xbox One title
Final Fantasy VII

Let me know what you want in the comments!

Vote for W/E Wednesday Jan 29th

27 Jan 2014


For W/E Wednesday I am going to let the community pick what will be streamed this Wednesday. It doesn’t have to be any 1 games, we can change it up as we feel like it and play a bunch of smaller games or something. I will provide a little list here with some suggestions, but if there is a game I have access too and I left it out feel free to suggest it.

Let me know what you want streamed either on the forums or in the new commenting system below!


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