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Pixels Edge Live – Feb 14, 2014 – Fan Friday

14 Feb 2014


Today is Fan Friday! The votes are in from last weeks post and it seems like World of Warcraft has won with Borderlands 2 in second. Now with the new Final Fantasy XIII just having come out I could continue streaming that, or stick to the Fan Friday votes and pick it up again possibly over the weekend, let me know in the comments what you want and I will make it happen

Now incase we are sticking with WoW here are the details
As always the stream is live right here on Pixels Edge

Killer Instinct – Episode 01 The Basics Part 1

10 Feb 2014

I have never much cared for Fighting games, I find the combos very hard to do and near impossible… Granted you will see that very shortly, this is better than I have been in most fighting games in the past, I am able to at least complete some moves!

FPS Friday – Jan 31 2014

31 Jan 2014


The past few days have been a tad rough, being sick and all… But I am feeling good enough to get back on streaming!

On Wednesday the Xbox One I won from 7-11 and Doritos came in, while I have been resting I took the time to work it into my setup here and I got it working last night! The prize also included a copy of Battlefield 4 so I now have it on Playstation 4 and Xbox One, so I feel like breaking it all in and playing a bit of each version followed up by some Borderlands 2!

Check out the stream and join the chat! http://pixelsedge.net/live


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