I’ve got a challenge for you Daily Random-ers: today, don’t give a single f**k. Someone cuts you off? Don’t give a f**k. Someone finishes the last of the coffee? Don’t give a f**k. Let’s have our first PixelsEdge “Not a single f**k was given today” day. I know I won’t give a f**k ^^

So lets all not give a f**k while we rock out our dailies.

{And as I’m typing this up, there’s issues with the ftp that allows me to add images. So in the spirit of today, I’m not giving a f**k and I’ll upload those whenever =) } {Heeey It’s working, good Job Tom.}

Stories from the Halo Trenches:

Halo Marines

Awesome Paintball Video:

Real Life Paintball meets Video Game UI and Mechanics.

A wee bit pricey for me, but cool none the less.

Swiss Army Knife with 1tb flash drive

Error messages in Haiku: making your fails more zen
Error ID: Haiku

Late Daily Random (sorry for missing it)
Wilhelm Park – Submitted by Trace

Wilhelm Park by RedMinus

Also awesome just because it’s so twisted, also by RedMinus

NyanCaxx by RedMinus

Warning: Not completely safe for work, or for sane minds.

I’m a fan of Mafia movies, so this made me laugh.
Tetris Mafia – Submitted by Ingrimsh
Tetris Mafia

That’s all from me today, remember, Not a single f**k shall be given this day.

– Cross †

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