Large link Dump today to make up for yesterday. Let’s rock.

Apparently I’m working on a novel about a very attentative lover who is baffled about golf?

What does your favourite video game say about you?

Cool – yet creepy

The Incredible Digital Art of Michael Oswald

Right up there with the #herpedia, a SOPA protest fail.

Scottish farmers get angry letters from SOPA protesters

I’m a fan of the Halo remix and the LoZ ones to be frank.
Classic Video Games Dubstepped

In the aftermath of Megaupload, our next step is to download cars… Matchbox sized ones for now

Pirate Bay introduces ‘Physibles’

And finally: Neat game concept
[rokbox title=”Unfinished Swan” thumb=”” size=”854 505″ album=”random”][/rokbox]
Splatter Paint Maze

That’s all today, remember to send in your Daily Randoms.

– Cross †

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