Happy Rabbi Burns day ta ya all. Before we get to the scotch and ode to the haggis, lets check some randoms for today.

Razer Project Fiona looks awesome
Razer presents Project Fiona, the first powerful Tablet gaming system
See it in action with this video

The sound track to the next Horror Film: When the trees awaken.
Turn table plays tree truck disc like a record.

And now for some outrage. This was sent in as a daily, but watching it made me rage so much that I almost didn’t post it. Sure it’s got an alright ending, but shit, how stupid are some people? People like this should a) not have pets, b) should never have kids, c) should have the same shit done to them.
Idiot forgets his dog.

That’s it for now. Go and have a glass of Glenfiddich for me and enjoy some poetry.

– Cross †

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