I’m going to try and keep this short and sweet, simply because the demo is out for anyone of you to try for themselves.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is a prequel to a yet to be released MMO property. As such, it sets out to establish a world to which you are drawn, and it suceeds in that regard. The demo provides you with an origin story, the tutorial section of the game, and then 45 mins to spend how you like in the open world section. I really like this setup, as players can take their time acclimating themselves to the controls during the tutorial without worrying about a timer running out, but then they are free to explore as they see fit.

The combat controls smoothly in the game. You have 2 weapon slots, each of which is assigned to a button, and different combinations of button presses, holds, and delays produces the different attacks. However, you need to invest talents into the weapon types you have equipped in order to have access to anything but the basic attack. The talents are divided into 3 trees: might (fighter), finesse (rogue), and sorcery (mage). Additionally, you get to chose fate cards every once in a while that further enhance your skills.

I heartily recommend everyone go out and try the demo, as I really enjoyed the game. I’ll be purchasing the game and releasing a full review here soon.