Due to corruption, our old map had to be deleted. This was unavoidable and we are terribly sorry. That being said, we have restarted the server with all the corruption cleaned off and with a new map!

Here are the rules for this new map:

  1. Do NOT be a dick to anyone!
  2. Respect other players and their belongings. (including mines)
  3. Do NOT ask for items. This includes disabled items. (below)
  4. We will NOT replace stolen items.
  5. Use /lock for all important possessions. For doors and double chests, make sure you lock both blocks.
  6. Do NOT abuse glitches, cheats, or hacks. If you come across one please notify a Moderator or an Admin. If you’re caught using one, you will be punished.
  7. Do NOT go past 4000 blocks in any direction from spawn.
  8. Ask a Moderator for a plot in the spawn town.

Disabled items/blocks:

  • Uncrafting Table – This was disabled due to a major dupe glitch in FTB.
  • Nukes – Obvious reasons (reactors are not affected by this).
  • TNT – Obvious reasons.
  • Turtles – Can be used for griefing (had major problems with this on the last map)

Please stick to these rules and we will all have a good time! Remember, we are all here to have fun!

IP: pedge.me