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10 Apr 2012

[wpdonatemeter cid=1] Pixels Edge need your help friends! Getting the hardware for Tom Talks, getting everything setup for Toms Phat LEWT, the server for TF2 and Minecraft all cost money. We could really use your help to make sure things operate smoothly. People have asked for it so here you go!

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Daily Random

28 Mar 2012

First up today, will this little robot jump into your hearts?   Ok, I couldn’t decide which of MrSolidSnake745‘s videos to link here, so I picked the one I feel is the best entry point, and urge you to check out the rest on his channel. Found something you’d like to see on the front […]

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Doctor Who Series 7 Teaser Trailer

27 Mar 2012

Can hardly wait for this.

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Daily Random – Webcomic edition

06 Mar 2012

Today’s daily random brings us two webcomics: the first focusing on the comedy inherent in games and the second bringing drama where there was none.

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daily random

25 Feb 2012

not much stuff today there will be more if you send me your contet by either pm me on the forum or write a comment because i mostly ignore my e mail take a look at this its basicaly true http://project-apollo.net/text/rpg.html and some misplaced ads sent in by barlor or lee whatever you wanna call […]

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Random stuff and introduction

22 Feb 2012

ok most of you probably know me as mod of Toms stream,or from the Podcast episode 2 you may even know me as Saegge member of Tom Fortress 2 on the PML. but now i am also an mod on Pixels Edge ( FEAR MY WRATH). ill try making the daily random till cross does […]

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08 Feb 2012

Watched Hugo (in 3D) last night, and thought I’d post some impressions. This is an amazing movie, probably in my top 20 (possibly top 10, hasn’t gelled into a position yet), and worth seeing in 3D. While the cinematic magic is a treat to behold, it is all in service to the story, and boy, […]

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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Demo Impressions

07 Feb 2012

I’m going to try and keep this short and sweet, simply because the demo is out for anyone of you to try for themselves. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is a prequel to a yet to be released MMO property. As such, it sets out to establish a world to which you are drawn, and it […]

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