This post is to outline our PexelBeast FTB server rules and settings.

Server IP:
Current FTB Pack: Mindcrack

Here are the rules for our FTB server:

  1. Do NOT be a dick to anyone!
  2. Respect other players and their belongings. (including mines)
  3. Do NOT ask for items. This includes disabled items. (below)
  4. We will NOT replace stolen/lost/destroyed items.
  5. Use /lock for all important possessions. For doors and double chests, make sure you lock both blocks.
  6. Do NOT abuse glitches, cheats, or hacks. If you come across one please notify a Moderator or an Admin. If you’re caught using one, you will be punished.
  7. Do NOT go past 4000 blocks in any direction from spawn.
  8. Ask a Moderator for a plot in the spawn town. Make sure you place a sign claiming it. (Please stay with-in the grass area when building, do not overhang the pathway.)
  9. PVP is allowed only when first provoked or consent is given by both parties.
  10. Do NOT lock anything public inside of spawn!
  11. Only run one 32×32 quarry at a time, nothing bigger.

Disabled items/blocks:

  • Nukes (IC2) – Obvious reasons (reactors are not affected by this).
  • Turtles (Computer Craft) – Can be used for griefing (had major problems with this on the last map).
  • Mining Lasers (IC2) – Can be used for MASSIVE griefing and used to get through locked blocks.
  • World Anchors (Railcraft) – Causes a ton of lag due to chunks being loaded all the time.
  • Chunkloaders (ChickenChunks) – Causes a ton of lag due to chunks being loaded all the time.
  • Portal Guns and Portal Spawners (Portal Gun) – Can cause lag and there’s not enough colors to go around.
  • Forge Lexicon and OmniWrench (OmniTools) – Not balanced at all – aka OP
  • Blueprints (BC3) – Dupe glitch
  • Canvas Bag (RP2) – Dupe glitch

Disabled mods:

  • Thaumcraft – There’s too much in this that cant be locked down.

Additional mods that we added:

  • Forge Essentials – Admin commands/WorldEdit/WorldBoarder/Chat manager/etc.
  • Fihgus Permission Mod – Permission system for Forge.
  • Fihgus Protection Mod – Chest/block locking mod.
  • ForgeIRC

Spawn plot info:

We have 64 plots currently in spawn, 54 of them are free and 10 of them cost resources.

  • Large plots (17×17) cost one block of diamond. There are 8 of these.
  • Medium plots (different sizes) cost 4 diamonds. There are two of these
  • Small plots (8×17) are free. There are 54 of these.

If you would like one of these plots, please contact a Mod or Admin.

Sun god sacrifices:

Here on PixelBeast we have a Sun God that constantly punishes us with rain and darkness. We have for that reason setup a sacrificial device that allows us to appease the god.

This device is located in spawn near the portal room and there are two sacrifices installed.

  1. Throw a Steel Ingot (any kind) in and the god will graciously clear the sky!
  2. Throw a Defective Turret in and the god will make it day time!

This post will be likely be updated as things change, check back often.

If you have any questions about any of this please contact us or ask an Admin/Mod in game.

Thank you.