After many hours of tweaking and testing and setting up, the new PixelsEdge FTB server is now live! and by live I mean IT LIVES!

Welcome to PixelBeast!

We are running the Mindcrack FTB pack, so make sure you select that in the mod pack list before you hit launch!

We have had to disable some blocks and items as well as a mod due to issues or we were just unable to lock down portions of the mod.

For all of that info, the rules, and more please go and read this post:

That post has the IP and general information about the server.

There is a bug with this version of Minecraft with spawns, right now you may or may not spawn in the spawn building. Please if you are spawned outside or on top of the building, walk in and take a gander at the rules. K Thx!

That’s about it! Remember we are all here for fun!