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Like robots? Prof wants you to watch this!

07 Mar 2013

Do you fancy some robot on robot action? Well Prof is here to share with you something that he is involved with, called FIRST Robotics. FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) is a nerds sport of sorts, where 6 robots all play a game on a field, this year its Ultimate Frisbee! The game changes annually and […]

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R´ha – A short film that rivals Hollywood

13 Jan 2013

This indie short film by Kaleb Lechowski not only has a sound storyline but looks awesome. The writing and voice acting are very well done and compliment each other. What really takes your breath away is the amazing views and graphics/animation. If I didn’t know any better, I would think this was a Hollywood block […]

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Pokemon out of Colours

08 Jan 2013

We all know Pokemon. We can all sing along with the Pokemon theme song, you probably at least know the original 150 Pokemon right? Pokemon is the sole reason I held on to my handhelds, so I could keep catching them all! When Black and White came out it was fun, but then Black and White 2 came out…. What? We […]

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Samsung CES!

07 Jan 2013

INTEGRATION! They are trying to get to the level of integration where you can get all your services, on all your devices. TV’s Quad-core TV’s S-Reccomendation Gesture control 110″ 4k UHD TV O_O Evolution kit, upgrade your 2012 compatible TV with a simple box. 55″ OLED TV Multiview, glasses with earbuds that allow 2 people […]

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