We all know Pokemon. We can all sing along with the Pokemon theme song, you probably at least know the original 150 Pokemon right? Pokemon is the sole reason I held on to my handhelds, so I could keep catching them all! When Black and White came out it was fun, but then Black and White 2 came out…. What? We ran out of colours to use? I haven’t seen Pokemon Cyan or Pokemon Lavender yet. But now in a new announcement from Nintendo in a YouTube video thats’ part of a new campaign Nintendo Direct the new titles have been released. This is all part of Pokemon Direct. What are the Titles you ask?

Pokemon X and Y.

So we officially ran out of colours and have moved onto the alphabet! However starting at X and Y means they are gonna run out pretty soon….

The new title is a 3DS exclusive and looks pretty cool from what I saw. I will probably pick it up cause I am a sucker for Pokemon. Its going to ship around the world in October of this year.