INTEGRATION! They are trying to get to the level of integration where you can get all your services, on all your devices.


  • Quad-core TV’s
  • S-Reccomendation
  • Gesture control
  • 110″ 4k UHD TV O_O
  • Evolution kit, upgrade your 2012 compatible TV with a simple box.
  • 55″ OLED TV
  • Multiview, glasses with earbuds that allow 2 people to watch 2 different things! Only availiable on OLED.. 1000x faster than regular LED screens


  • A… FridgeFreezer? Changes from a fridge to freezer.
  • Apps on them.
  • MicroHoodOven


  • Dual Band Smart Cameras
  • Smart Phone Smart Camera App (auto share from camera to phone), phone = remote
  • Compact Camera
  • Galaxy Note 10.1 4G/LTE
  • Full HD Ultrabooks – TouchScreen
  • Multi Touch Monitors – 60degree tilt

Nothing else bout mah new S4 though 🙁

Obviously this is just an overview, and I am sure someone will come out with a highly detailed list, but I was excited and decided to bring part of it to you.