In an effort to at least make some progress through the deluge of games that one acquires in Steam summer sales and Humble Indie bundles I decided to try and cut my way through at least one before Shadowrun Returns comes out and this journal is filled with articles on cyberpunk.

So, I considered my options and decided to play a game that I found fascinating when I gave it a first spin called Limbo. I’d played it some time ago and decided to fire up my Steam copy to see if the arthouse, critically acclaimed, award winning game was as fun all the way through as it was at the start.

Now recently I’ve gone on several bits of a tirade about the fact that a game, regardless of its message should have good gameplay and fresh challenges for the player to at least make it worthwhile. That way, even if the player doesn’t like the story they at least attain a sense of accomplishment. Some games have story good enough to mitigate gameplay flaws.

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