Well the honest answer is that for the past few months I’ve been way behind where I want to be on these entries. I haven’t been able to keep ahead of my schedule and as a result my work as a whole suffered for it.

This was made more evident to me when I did my journal entry last week for the Bourne series and someone pointed out, rightly so, that I spent more time praising the novels then lambasting the films.

Which, in all fairness, isn’t even hard.

But if I can’t be succinct with my own title at this point then it really just confirms what I’ve been feeling: that I need a break from the deadline to write entries and edit them better, at the least edit them more. That way when I do have a journal entry going up It will have significantly more editing time then what they’re getting now.

The journal will resume in January. This coming Monday I’ll have a vastly edited and rewritten version of Bourne Trilogy article up in place of the existing one.

And after that I’ll be quiet here for a while as I let my work get cleaned up well enough that I think it’s good enough for posting online again.

So, for now at least, so too does this work exist.