I just read a story I feel I need to share.

There has been an ongoing lawsuit between Microsoft and Motorola over the invention of its wireless technology. Seems its getting so bad that Microsoft has been advised to stop selling the consoles all together in the states. Microsoft said it would be unfair to consumers, limiting their gaming choices. But the argument was quickly shot down saying, enforcing intellectual property rights is more important than giving gamers a choice between what console to buy.

As many know I am not a terribly huge fan of the 360 and the only reason I still have one is cause EB was only going to give me 25 dollars for a console you still pay 299 for. However I believe they should ban the console from sale at least until this matter is resolved. Of course they don’t want too, cause then people will have to get a PS3, or a PC and learn how awesome a PC is compared to a console. This matter is going so high that Obama himself is going to have to review it and make a decision on it.

To me, it comes across as Microsoft doesn’t want to cut into profits, and to be fair what company does. But I mean, when the president of the US has to come in on it…… I think the stakes are a little high.

[Source: Court House News]