I have to say, George Takei is an amazing person, Sci-fi icon, great actor but first and foremost and amazing human being. He stands up for what he believes in and does everything he can do help the cause. A fact I did not know until recently is that George Takei is a survivor of the Japaneses internment camps from World War 2. He has a live show debuting to help people understand that time and is hoping to take it to Broadway. I would personally go see it in a heart beat.

Another thing he does is “Its okay to be Takei!”. In certain places in the states are “don’t say gay” bills that are being passed which forbid teachers from talking about homosexuality in the class room at all, which is how it got its nickname. George Takei very nicely lent his name to the drive. Don’t say Gay, just say Takei! Incase you also didn’t know George Takei is gay and is obviously doing all he can to support any drive for it and stop bills like the “Don’t say gay” laws. I bring all this up because he just made a new video which is funny but also very informative and serious. We here are huge supporters of the fight for equality. We are a nerd / gaming site primarily yes, but things like this when done by icons like George Takei I think its okay to spread the knowledge.

[iframe http://player.vimeo.com/video/38068014 640 400]

If you are in San Diego his show Allegiance will be playing at The Old Globe and I would highly recommend seeing it. I am no where close and sadly will be unable. I hope it does go Broadway or at least tours and then I can see it here! If by some miracle I come to be in the San Diego area while the show runs I will happily!