So Apple just properly announced the iPhone 5….. from what I saw I am not impressed. I am whelmed at best. I am going to go into detail from what I saw from the presentation today about the iPhone itself. The rest of it I honestly stopped paying attention after 1 line was said.

Lets get the big one out of the way. The price of this iPhone 5. Well the iPhone 5 is going to be the same price as the iPhone 4S, $199 for the base model. The iPhone 4S is now going to be the cost of the iPhone 4, and the iPhone 4 is now free. All the prices listed are of course with contract. I didn’t not see any non-contract pricing. But if you took the price of the iPhone 4 no contract now, thats the iPhone 5 apparently.

The phone is taking pre-orders on the 14th and I believe I read Sept 21st like the rumors said. I could be wrong and would have to check again, please let me know in the comments if I got it wrong.

Now for some hardware talk

To start, it has a 4 inch screen and retina display. Cool I suppose, I have a Nexus and an iPad2. I have looked at the retina displays and I don’t see what the big deal is. The screen is too small to have it matter that much IMO. On a larger screen oh hell yeah I can see that. But something thats in my pocket? meh.

It now contains an A6 Processor, which according to them is double the CPU performance and the graphics performance. I can’t say for sure cause in my digging I haven’t come across the actual specs yet. Its probably a good CPU I don’t doubt that.

Battery Life
Its iPhone battery life from what I can tell. the iPad has to its credit has fantastic battery life. I will go 2-3 weeks without charging. Granted in thoughs 3 weeks I use it about 4 times to read a book or something. But still, the iPhone 5 has 8 hours of battery life when surfing, 10 hours when talking, and 225 standby. Now to that I wonder, if you have your phone on and just updating for things like emails, tweets, texts and all that…. is that standby time? Or does that count in surfing time?

The rear camera is now 1080p and can do video and even take a pic while filming. I am sorry but thats not impressive to me, I have seen ads for androids pushing that all year. But it also *finally* does panorama shots. Once again though, the Blackberry and Android have been doing this for years. So I still see apple playing catch up. the front facing Camera is now 720p and apparently can now do facetime over some wireless carriers, which ones was not stated.

The new iPhone 5 has LTE which is awesome if you live in a zone with it. I personally do but if I leave the GTA I don’t have it. So I opted to get a phone without LTE cause I didn’t see it as being there yet. But for thoughs who can use it, its an awesome feature and the regions you can use it is rapidly expanding. The Wireless card has wireless n now. So you can get 150Mbps on your phone which is nice is you are wirelessly transferring from your PC.

This I found annoyingly stupid. There is a new connector, and instead of moving to an accepted standard that everyone has and would use up 1 less USB port on a PC, its a new apple only connector. Lighting. I am not surprised that its an apple only connector, but I am surprised they did it at all. There was a huge backlash on the rumor of a new connector cause then they loose the use of their accessories. However it seems Apple took that as “we will just give you more money for a connector”. Cause thats what they have done.

So over all the hardware IMO is very lack luster. Its doing things other phones already had / creating a cash crab with the connector. I also found out the iPhone doesn’t have NFC. I don’t understand why, NFC is getting more and more popular. Now how about the software?

This is something they made cause of their relationship with Google is dying. It looked okay and they were hyping turn by turn navigation and people were cheering like they make something new….. turn by turn has been in every GPS I have seen for a long time now, including Google Maps. The BlackBerry I had years ago had that, my current droid does, and finally now does the iPhone….

I have read things on this before, it seems like a neat feature. You can load in your cards / tickets into this device and use it as you need it. Now what confuses me if without NFC how does it work? I could be wrong on NFC but I was lead to believe it doesn’t have it.

Thats about all I remember / care to remember. The line that got me amazingly pissed was this

The most advanced operating system in any mobile device

That is such huge BS its unreal. They have been playing catch up to the Blackberry, Android and Windows Phones for a while now. So many of the features are just core expected feature in other phones. I remember how the iPhone 3g doesn’t do video. Or how until iOS 3-4 you couldn’t send MMS messages to someone. The hardware is decent, but its behind the times and everyone is finally starting to see it. Thats it for the iPhone 5. They also revealed the new iTunes and iPods but the news is in the iPhone 5 so yeah….