Reminder guys! Tonight at 9:30PM EST will be the first ever Pixels Edge Livecast!
“But Tom, what the hell is a livecast? Don’t you mean Livestream? You’ve been doing that for months!”

The Livecast is the Podcast done live! We will not be playing a game, its purely audio. If you have ever listened to the Pixels Edge Podcast you more or less know what to expect. Except this will be done live and at some point we will probably read your comments and answer some of your burning questions! NOT ABOUT WILL WE BE PLAYING DVZ!

Sooooooooooo yeah! Check back on twitch for the Livecast, or right here watch it right here on Pixels Edge!

Want to contact us? Let us know how we did? Send us a message to podcast@pixelsedge.netLeave us feedback below or on the forums too! If you would like to sponsor us *you crazy person* please use the podcast email