I just wanted to write up a little post saying how grateful I am to everyone who has been supporting me, the server and just all around being awesome. It really means a lot and I want everyone to know I am not taking any of it for granted. I am really sorry if to anyone I made it seem like “Oh good you finally did” which I really hope I haven’t. I can’t begin to express how amazing you all are by coming to the site, watching the stream, donating and telling others about it. None of it is a small thing and it only helps.

I want to give a particular shout out to Nation so I like to give a lot of love too cause he has been a huge supporter from the start. From keeping the first server up, to whoring out the donate button and even making the Intro and Commercials for the live stream! When I got them I was overwhelmed with how awesome they were. On Sunday I am sure plenty if you heard his voice, he was Commercial Man! We tried to do some multiplayer N64 games but dude to distance limitations it didn’t work out well. I am hoping I can figure out something to get him on the stream. Don’t forget he does have his own though! http://twitch.tv/nationaltile. Make sure you give it a look and sub. I want to make sure he gets all the love he should get. He really does deserve it.

I also want to give a shout out to Kirbydance who has been a huge help. Hes donated to keep the server a float and bought out a few games on steam for me to stream for you guys, even before he could see the stream. Hes in the U.S. Navy was was overseas when I first came to know him. Hes a really awesome and brave guy and has a really good talent for making me feel horrible.

Lomopy12 *who puts up with me calling him by the wrong name on purpose at this point*, Super Awesome, Ginger, Sniktaw who have all helped me co-host the stream. They are awesome for taking time out of their day to help me out. We have Ingrimsh who watches the chat and makes sure its kept under control.

And again, a huge thanks to everyone I haven’t mentioned too. Without you none of this is possible. I am truly humbled by the support of you guys and gals out there for make this possible. None of this is do-able without you