Now this is something I have been waiting to get my hands on for a super long time. Avatar the Last Airbender finished back in 2008, I watched every episode as it released and it was just pure awesome and hilarity the hole time. Since then I have seen the series front to back at least 10 times since, I will start to watch it and watch only it until I have finished. It easily holds my number 1 spot in best TV shows I have seen. The moment the last episode finished I was on google looking for details on the next season just like everyone else. Well the time is just about at hand! The other day there was an announcement that the new series, officially named The Legend of Korra, will be out April 14 2012 at 11AM EST. You heard that right, in less than a month we get Korra! Holy crap am I ever excited! I am counting down the days. I leave you with this