Is this the day for updates or what? Can’t be helped. Things just keep happening…. I guess thats cause the GDC is on or something…….. Naw. Anyway back on topic. Apples iPad 3

This was just annouced a whole 40min ago at the GDC. This is whats new on it compared to the iPad2
• resolution of 2048 x 1536, which includes 3.1 million pixels.
• Features an A5X chip, giving the device quad core graphics, according to the folks at Engadget
• The same iSight camera technology from the iPhone 4S and will take video in 1080p quality
• 4G LTE

They will be ready to buy in the US and Canada on the 16th and pricing starts at US$499 for a WiFi only version. A 64GB, 4G LTE version of the device will cost US$830.

So basically a better screen, faster CPU and a better camera and faster network if you wanna spend the extra 400 dollars. Now let me be the first to say….. so what? Big fraking whoop. I have an iPad 2 and have not seen any issues in performance or speed. I don’t have the 3G version cause I have a cell phone *the Galaxy Nexus* and just tether my data if I need too. Some people have already said to me “The pixels is huge! They bug me so much on the iPad!” yet I have not seen any issue. Some claim its not dense enough, but like I said I have the Galaxy Nexus which has a pretty nice cluster of pixels. I use my iPad to write up scripts, read books, watch shows or movies on the train, take notes at work, write up these things and I haven’t had any issues with the screen ever so yeah….. Not sure what the big deal is with this one.

I know people are going to run out and buy it, but I would say if you want an iPad so badly…. buy the iPad 2. I have a feeling it will suddenly have a price drop

UPDATE – 2 things. I called the price drop. Everyone did though. And 2nd, Apple isn’t even calling it the iPad 3. Its officially “The new iPad”