Hey peeps. Just a little write up for you! Remember, today is the last day to make use of the Discount code to get cheaper games on Game Fan Shop! The details and the code can be found Over Here on This Post.

In the mean time, just so you guys are in the know, there are lots of things in the works! We have a YouTube series in the works and a new idea I came up with last night that we are going to try and put together in the coming days for another YouTube series! This is not going to get in the way of the streams, they are very much still happening as many of you know. And they are only going to keep coming! This past weekend I was out looking at houses to move into so I was not really around to do much streaming…. Sorry about that :S.

Something that is coming back that a lot have asked for even though I only did 2 of them….. Tom Talks! There is probably going to be a slight change up to the format in how its done. But they are 100% going to happen! I am so glad you guys like the videos and want more! I had issues with the last few I recorded which is why they never went live. The issues being no audio was capped, the lighting didn’t work for the green screen, interruptions during recording….. Yeah…….. But fear not! They are back on track! First Tom Talks coming back? Maybe Loopers next weekend? Maybe a new Top 10? Haven’t fully decided yet.

Another thing we have brought back in full force…. The Pedge Cast! It has been re-named / given a name but its still some great content! We are playing with doing it as a Live cast on YouTube first, followed up by re-posting the audio as a PodCast. Not sure how well the format works, need your guys feedback on that one.

Lastly *Holy crap this is a huge update!* as you may have noticed, LiquidSoul has been posting his Mixes up on the site. Would be awesome if you would check them out / give some Feedback on them. I personally like them, we hooked him up with some more storage space on SoundCloud so he uploaded his older mixes too.

Okay. I am out of words